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30th August 2014

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The walking dead meme: fav. quotes [2/5]

Michonne: “When I told you about André you never asked how he died. [..] The “how’s” important. We went to a refugee camp; André and my boyfriend, Mike. That’s André’s father. And our friend, Terry. At the camp, it just got worse and worse. People were leaving, giving up. But, I didn’t. I was coming back from a run … I saw the fences were down. I heard the moans. It was over. And Mike and Terry … they were high when it happened. They were bitten. I could’ve stopped it. I could’ve killed them. But, I let them turn. I made it so they couldn’t bite. Couldn’t scratch. I tied chains around their necks. It was insane. It was sick. It felt like what I deserved; dragging them around so that I’d always know. I found out they kept me safe … They hid me. The walkers didn’t see me anymore. I   w a s   j u s t   a n o t h e r   m o n s t e r. And I was.. Me? I was gone for a long time … But, then Andrea brought me back, your dad brought me back, you did

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30th August 2014

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  • Harry Potter at the end of every school year: I came to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

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30th August 2014

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30th August 2014

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What do you do to make you smile? I like dancing, not well, but it makes me smile. Whether it’s in a ballet class, or in my pajamas in my bedroom. 

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30th August 2014

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Making Up the Music with @stephanie_fernandez

To see more of Stephanie’s makeup looks follow @stephanie_fernandez on Instagram.

"What started out as a day at home experimenting with makeup has become my career aspiration and ultimately the love of my life,” says 19-year-old Louisiana Instagrammer Stephanie Fernandez (@stephanie_fernandez), who often acts as makeup artist, model and photographer for each of her makeup sessions. “I know my face and body better than anyone, so it is a very familiar canvas,” she explains.

Stephanie defines her makeup style as colorfully creepy. “The gory and creepy side of my style is influenced by my passion for horror movies and psychological thrillers,” she says. “Most of my makeup is also heavily influenced by music. I love to be able to create and see what I am hearing and feeling. I simply see it in my mind’s eye, and my hands do the rest.”

Stephanie’s dreams are as colorful and eclectic as her work. “I would love to do high-fashion makeup for NYC Fashion Week. I would love to have at least 100 art shows before I die. I would love to direct movies and creative direct music videos as well as open a studio to create SFX masks, canvas pieces and explore other media. I have no limits. My mind is constantly moving. I want to do it all.”

29th August 2014

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I prayed for this.

29th August 2014

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Jared Padalecki in I Am Human (x)

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29th August 2014

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29th August 2014

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me: im going to fucking stab you

straight white boy: haha then what? ;) 

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29th August 2014

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anonymous asked: belle french or snow white

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28th August 2014

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How did you learn your states? Alabama, Alaska, Arizona… [x]

28th August 2014

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